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The First Ever Clinic Model For Speech Therapy In India!

Empower your voice with our specialized range of
speech therapy techniques!


Soft Hear?

Consultation from esteemed speech language pathologists across the nation.

Thorough assessments for speech/language challenges, with continuous progress monitoring.

A nurturing and inclusive environment that fosters your confidence and self-expression.

Use of innovative tools or technology-based interventions that facilitate learning.

At Soft Hear, we offer specialized therapies designed to help individuals regain their communication abilities and confidence.


Tailored to address swallowing difficulties caused by various conditions, our therapy aims to enhance your swallowing function. Our trained therapists employ personalized exercises and techniques to improve muscle coordination, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable eating experience!


Whether recovering from vocal strain, seeking to modify speech patterns, or aiming to strengthen vocal quality, our expert therapists are here to help. Through a range of exercises and vocal techniques, we focus on enhancing voice clarity, tone, and endurance!

Therapy For

With personalized exercises and strategies, we assist in restoring speech, language, and cognitive abilities. Whether it's trouble speaking, understanding, or expressing thoughts, our comprehensive therapy aims to facilitate smoother communication and a better quality of life after a stroke.