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Soft Hear For Best Digital Hearing Aids In India

Soft Hear Speech Hearing & Vertigo Clinic is a private independent and unique diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology and speech therapy practice. The specialists provide prevention, assessment, and management of patients with Speech, language, hearing, communication, voice, swallowing, tinnitus, and balance (vertigo/dizziness) disorders.

Our care philosophy begins with "taking the time to understand your individual condition, enabling you to experience the world of hearing and communicate effortlessly”. We comprehend and empathize with your unique situation to leverage our experience and expertise to tailor a solution specifically for you.

Rest assured that we will provide you with the most compassionate care, utilizing advanced and innovative world-class technology and the latest scientific knowledge in the field.

We are committed to adhering to internationally designed best practices in speech and hearing care, along with several additional criteria, to ensure the best possible outcomes for each patient.

Soft Hear Clinic: Best Ever Speech, Hearing And Vertigo Services

Soft Hear Speech, Hearing & Vertigo Clinic is the sole chain of clinics in India that offers comprehensive services in Audiology, Speech Therapy, and Vertigo Rehabilitation, all conveniently located under one roof.

Soft Hear stands out as a premium service provider catering to patients coming from diverse backgrounds. We have implemented advanced testing and treatment procedures modeled after practices in New Zealand, Mauritius, USA, France, and the UK. The positive response in India has garnered appreciation from both ENT doctors and patients.

With existing branches in Gurgaon and Pune, and upcoming branches in Nagpur and Mumbai, Soft Hear Clinic is gradually gaining recognition as the premier clinic chain in India, offering top-notch services in Audiology, Speech Therapy, and Vertigo Rehabilitation.

Soft Hear Pvt Ltd has been awarded a Start-up certificate in acknowledgment of its vision and target goals. Our high-quality service delivery has been impressive and well-received.

As a start-up in India, Soft Hear aspires to establish itself as the leading team of audiologists and speech therapists, ensuring that only the best minds attend to the needs of our patients. We are committed to delivering world-class services and achieving the highest levels of patient satisfaction.


  • Best at diagnostic tests
  • Best at hearing aids prescription/selection
  • 100% patient satisfaction guaranteed
  • We never force patients to purchase HA
  • International standards


  • On the priorities of the patients
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Free online/offline services
  • Remote programming services for patients world-wide
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  1. We maintain a professional ethos while rejecting a corporate demeanor marked by impersonality. As a client, you have the ability to communicate promptly and directly with the necessary individuals—whether your therapist(s), the audiologist for your area, the Soft Hear Clinic administrator, or one of the directors of the Soft Hear Clinic. We are easily accessible and, in our belief, approachable.
  2. Our approach is friendly, genuine, and staunchly opposed to marketing fiction.
  3. While we are ambitious, we remain grounded in our foundational principles. Recognizing that providing you with exceptional service and fostering a friendly connection is the most effective way for our reputation and geographic reach to grow. Your concerns are ours, and we express this commitment seriously. We will exert every effort within our means to achieve the best possible outcome for you and offer the necessary support.
  4. Our stance is eminently reasonable. We abstain from bureaucratic barriers, automated refusals, and inflexible approaches that neglect individual situations and circumstances. Consequently, we treat you in the manner we appreciate being treated.
  5. We pledge prompt responses. If an immediate reply is not feasible (although often it is), we commit to responding on the same working day or, at the latest, the following working day. Understanding the potential anxiety regarding your child or family member, we approach communication and appointment scheduling with utmost seriousness.
  6. We place our trust in proven methods, while also embracing and, indeed, contributing to the latest research and training programs that we believe enhance our services.

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