Latest Hearing Aid Solutions With Digital Hearing Aids

All hearing aids provided by Soft Hear Clinic are designed to undergo an adjustment period. We encourage you to reschedule appointments with our audiologists for follow-up visits during this period. This allows for consultation and necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance.

Aftercare services

As part of our aftercare services, you can visit Soft Hear clinic for any maintenance and adjustments your hearing aids may require. We provide complimentary cleaning and checks to ensure your hearing aids function optimally.

Clean and checks

Feel free to drop by the Soft Hear clinic for a swift clean and check of your hearing aids. Our team shall examine for earwax blockage and assess the condition of components such as domes, filters, or tubing. If any parts need replacement, we shall promptly address those issues. Following this, we shall conduct a thorough cleaning to guarantee the proper functioning of your hearing aids.

Adjusting your hearing aids manually

Certain hearing aids are equipped with manual control buttons that facilitate adjustments to volume settings. Additionally, these buttons allow users to change programs and configure other features based on the activations performed by their audiologist. To ascertain whether your hearing aids can be manually adjusted and to learn the correct procedures, please reach out to your audiologist.