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Mr. Kaushik Sharma

Co-Founder & Director- Soft Hear Pvt Ltd
Chief - Revenue, Sales & Marketing Director
Team Trainer

Kaushik has worked as West Zone Head in Starkey India Pvt Ltd, so he is very well known with the hearing aids and audiology department. His work experience in the field, coupled with detailed knowledge of hearing aid parts, services, import-export, sales, and marketing, has been instrumental in garnering public attention for the Soft Hear brand. He is the business head of sales, marketing & general management professional with expertise in the different industries like MNC companies in the health sector, corporate service deliveries especially B2C & B2B. He is handling different state operations, driving growth & profitability through a balanced investment between organic and inorganic growth strategies.

He leads and directs cross-functional teams with a focus on consumer marketing, encompassing both traditional brand marketing and modern digital marketing, resulting in optimized marketing strategies.

He is also capable and has proven his ability to generate ROI, create and manage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and engage in robust business development. He excels in building on Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies and channel innovation for sustainable growth.

He has demonstrated productivity and efficiency improvements throughout the value chain, operational and functional touchpoints. He is knowledgeable about building a highly compliant business in a robust regulatory environment through the implementation of SOPs (standard operating procedures) and systems, with a focus on process automation. He firmly believes in thoughtful leadership and is an inspiration to others.


Mr. Kushal Mishra

Chief - Revenue, Sales and Marketing Director- West Zone
National Head- Speech-Hearing & Vertigo health campaign

Kushal has been working in the pharma industry for about 10 years and has brought a professional medical feel to the team.

He has been awarded many times for achieving more than the annual targets. He initiated his professional career by working at Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ultimately, he held the position of RBM at Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

He has brought more than 20 hospital institutions to work in association with Soft Hear. He conducts himself with a high level of professionalism and employs language that aligns with the standards of the healthcare sector. His skill in building business relationships is greatly appreciated.

He has demonstrated productivity and efficiency improvements throughout the entire value chain, including operational and functional touchpoints. His professional experiences have been instrumental in shaping the Soft Hear brand as the premier provider of Speech, Hearing, and Vertigo rehabilitation services in a professional and standardized manner.